Stirring Things Up with Kellogg's and Mission Chinese

Throughout our journey as Hungrygrls we've witnessed (and tasted) a number of unique mashups: Ansel's CronutTM, Momofuku Milk Bar's Thanksgiving Croissant and Morgenstern's Avocado Toast Ice Cream to name a few. We've seen brownies and cakes layered in JARS, our faces on miniature cupcakes and even feasted on granola-topped oysters at The Eddy. 

What have we learned throughout all of this? We've learned that we like mash-ups. In fact - the crazier, the better. Which is why when Kellogg's partnered with Mission Chinese for an exclusive brunch collaboration, we were first in line (literally). 

When we were seated at Mission Chinese on an early and brisk Saturday morning, we noticed that each of the creative entree's came with a price point that was almost less than a box of cereal itself ( roughly $6 per plate); perfect for our hangovers and our wallets. We ordered the complete menu. 

In the first wave of food, we received Frosted Flakes + Green Tea Noodles and Corn Pops + Thrice Cooked Bacon. Both of these dishes were totally bizarre and totally awesome. 

The Kellogg's Frosted Flakes were dusted with green tea powder and served with Matcha milk, which gave the dish a familiar light and refreshing zing. The cereal was paired with green tea noodles as well, which were glassy and spicy in flavor - a great savory accompaniment and the perfect way to stir things up. 

While we might not have cooked up the idea (or the creation) on our own, the Corn Pops + Thrice Cooked Bacon was everything we'd ever want in a breakfast and more. Bacon-infused soy milk, a fried egg, spicy Corn Pops and "thrice cooked" bacon rice-cakes. Need we go on? It was sweet, salty, bacon-y goodness that was satisfying in every way. Hats off to you, Danny Bowien. 

Speaking of the chef...before round deux of food, Bowien came over to our table and demonstrated the art of pouring the cereal generously on top the asian-inspired dishes. This, he explained, is how you're supposed to interact and mix the foods together. With that in mind, we made our way through the rest of the dishes, which included: Raisin Bran + Mapo Tofu, Corn Flakes + Westlake Rice Porridge and Frosted Mini Wheats + Beef Jerky Fried Rice. Yum. 

Overall, it was a head-banging rave for our tastebuds and the PERFECT hangover remedy. To learn more about the Kellogg's creations head to and follow them on Instagram @KelloggsUSA -- just don't do it on an empty stomach.