Hungrygrls is an Instagram account dedicated to all things food: from daily eats to the most coveted cuisines. We use clever captions, photography, food staging, and as much humor as possible to shine a positive and engaging light on the (often overlooked) specific relationship that women and girls have with food. 

We are two best friends who met in college at The University of Pittsburgh in 2010. We quickly bonded over common interests such as fashion, PR, travel, and above all else, an unparalleled adoration for food. With so much in common & food quickly becoming the most obvious shared obsession, Hungrygrls was born. However, since Instagram was merely a twinkle in Facebook's eye at this time, we began on Twitter as @HungryGirlProbs. 

We created @hungrygirlprobs to communicate about the hilarity and daily woes of being an exceptionally hungry girl. Our quick wit and relatable stories made for a great account to follow and we rapidly gained thousands of followers in just a couple of months. By 2013, it became clear to us that Instagram was a more powerful outlet for sharing our foodie stories so we rebranded, moved to big cities, and set out to conquer the food scene.  

Today, we are both living and eating in New York City.


Olivia and Jennie